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Possible Nepal Part 2 ' Holidays!

On Sunday we brought you a story and photos from Kathmandu, Nepal, where Cahir's Niamh Delahunty is volunteering at a small orphanage and local school. Now we bring you Part 2, but first can I ask everybody to donate a few euro if you can. Below you will see where the money has went to far. Have a tissue on the ready !

All donations are hugely welcome and can be donated through the link:

Part 2 :

On Tuesday they were thrilled to hear the news that due to elections, the children would have two days of holiday from school, and so it was the perfect time to undertake some Christmas preparations, making cards, decorations and sitting cosily with a Christmas movie. At a time so close to voting day, tensions are running high and Kapeel, their manager, recommended that it is best for them to stay indoors with the pupils, making the best of the small space they have. They started there day with a yoga class to get themselves warmed up and feeling positive for the day ahead. Christmas songs galore since, although the volunteers seemed to be more into it than the kids- they can't understand what all the fuss is about! To add insult to injury, they've just chosen to watch Xmen (in French 😂) over Home Alone. There's definitely some more work to be done here 😆

Niamh would once again like to thank everyone for the donations of brilliant friends and family at home, They had a large food delivery last night which the children received with pride and excitement, and when school reopens on Friday, She will be able to pay the tuition fees for all of the children here for the next two months. She will at the orphanage until the 13th of December and any further donations will be gratefully spent on the most pressing needs at the orphanage before her departure.

Amongst all the chaos, the fence has also been painted, making a start to a warm and welcoming entrance to the orphanage- They are hoping to start the walls this weekend!