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Goodbye to Fr. Langford

It is with sadness that the parishioners of Cahir say goodbye to Father Gerry Langford, Parish Priest in St. Marys Church. Although Fr. Gerry has been in Cahir for only 5 short years and has presided over so much during that time. He was instrumental in the intricate plans to bring St. Anthony Relic's to the parish of Cahir and dealt admirably with the problems and crowds that followed. As well his involvement with local schools and community groups over the years Fr. Gerry has done great work in starting up the Parish Office that sends out notices to the community. There was also a wonderful sell-out fundraising concert in St. Marys with Fr. Gerry's help and he has also maintained a wonderful friendship with the local Coptic Orthodox Community who uses the Church for services through his involvement and they will miss him too.

Everyone who knows Fr. Gerry as well as all his parishioners would like to wish him the best as he moves to The Holy Family Parish in Waterford City and hopes he will visit on occasion. Thank you Father Gerry, you will be missed.

Best wishes Fr. Gerry from the community in Cahir as well all the parishioners of St. Mary's Church.