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Cahir Tidy Towns Welcome Enterprise Town Announcement

The Cahir Tidy Towns received great news this week that Cahir has been shortlisted for an Enterprise Town award.

This is a fabulous situation to be in from an entry of 700 nationally. This means that the pressure must be kept on over the next month.

Cllr Andy Moloney informed the group at a meeting last week that we need to make a huge effort and put the best foot forward in the coming weeks as a major part of the entry form was tidiness, increased footfall, forward vision, planning and many people buying into the idea of Cahir becoming one of the most proactive Towns in the county.

The interview will be held on on Monday 18th September when 3 judges will visit the town to hear what we have to say over a period of 4 hours.

All businesses in town and community groups will be informed of the event and how they can help us win the award. Win, lose or draw we are winners to have been shortlisted and credit to everyone in town for making a huge effort.

We continue with our duties this week in preparation and hopefully we will get works complete on the Swiss Walk, the Inch Paths, the river cleaning and the Ha Ha now that this visit is coming.

We would encourage everyone to be vigilant over the coming weeks. Meet Wednesday at 7 as normal.