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Cllr Moloney highlights shocking stats on Drug Driving

Cllr Andy Moloney says that the recent announcement on roadside drug testing adds a new dimension in the fight to curb road deaths. The Medical Bureau of Road Safety (MBRS) have said that out of the 10,498 specimens of blood and urine tested 7,199 confirmed positive for drugs other than Alcohol. Cannabis followed by benzodiazepines were most prevalent.

To date this year there have been 179 road deaths compared to 172 in the same period last year. When broken down this represents 76 drivers,36 passengers,35 pedestrians,20 motorcyclists,1 pillion passenger and 11 cyclists died on Irish roads. Gardai will now carry out 1 of 5 roadside impairment tests at checkpoints such as;

1.Pupillary Examination 2.Romberg Test, 3. Walk and Turn, 4. One Leg Stand, 5. Finger on Nose.Cllr Moloney said that these new testing controls come into effect from this weekend onwards and Drug Driving will be a focus of attention in the run up to Christmas. The number of fatalities not wearing seat belts has risen 4% to 21% also which will be another concern for the Gardai.