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Cllr Moloney Welcomes Primary Care Centre Plans

In a reply sent to Cllr Andy Moloney from Minister Simon Harris where the local councillor sought Primary Care Centre in Cahir, the minister outlined the following.

The HSE advised that that the development of a Primary Care Centre in Cahir is currently at planning stage. A number of meetings have taken place between primary Care Heads of Services and HSE Estates personnel regarding the proposed layout and accommodation requirements, the drawings and plans for Cahir Primary Care Centre are currently being finalised.

The overall proposed building accommodation for Cahir will compromise of two floors and will include a GP suite,HSE accommodation, Pharmacy and private medical tenants.

It is planned that the Cahir Centre would be operational by Quarter 1, 2019 subject to funding approval and regulation requirements.

The HSE has advised Cllr Moloney that the following services are planned for Cahir Primary Care Centre: GP,Nursing,Occupational Therapy,Physiotherapy,Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology,Ophthalmology, community intervention team,Caredoc,Psychology & Mental Health Services and admin services.

In addition, it is expected that Counselling in Primary Care and self-harm intervention will also be available through bookable rooms.

Moloney says that 90-95% of people's day to day health and social care needs can be met in this primary Care setting.

While the advanced plans are at development stage we need to lobby to secure funding for the Cahir facility by the provisional 2019 date.