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Coco searches for strawberries in Cahir in brand new Bia Linn!

Join Muireann and the gang for some food, fun and singing in the kitchen. This sweet episode shows you how to make strawberry jam and COCO, Ireland?s newest celebrity chef, is travelling the country on a foodie research trip to find out where our food comes from. At The Apple Farm, Cahir, Coco is surprised to learn that strawberries are green before they turn ripe and red!

Coco meets friends ?? gach cearn den t?r? from shopkeepers to farmers, fishermen to caf? owners, young and old. This colourful journey is filled with fun, learning and friendship and makes a real connection between the outside world and making food in the kitchen. Each programme takes a key ingredient and Coco learns all about it. In learning where our foods come from, we gain respect for the environment and cultures that create it for us.

In the kitchen, Muireann and the gang cook a delicious recipe from the cookbook of Coco?s Mam? ? a cookbook that she has entrusted to Coco for safe keeping while she is travelling the world. This little book represents the collection of recipes over an Irish lifetime. There are also Indian, Italian, Greek and Asian recipes, reflecting our own diversity in Ireland and encouraging kids to try out new things from new cultures.

The FUN element is centre stage ? and there is a lot of hidden learning in there too. Not only does it teach kids about cooking, there?s making, doing, counting, measuring, pouring, cleaning, new Irish words, all wrapped up in a magical musical parcel.

This is a magnet for young audiences and their parents. It?s perfect to engage TG4 audiences young and old with healthy food, cooking skills and Irish language. It has important lessons about sharing and taking turns as well as early maths and science.

Viewers can recreate the recipes used on Bia Linn in their own kitchens. All the recipes are at and have been designed to be easy to do at home:

? The recipes are simple to do and use ingredients that can be easily sourced

? There?s a mixture of healthy snacks and treats for special occasions

? Simple cooking skills are used ? mixing, snipping, sprinkling, rolling, dusting, brushing

You can sing your way through the show by learning the songs from the website too!

This sweet episode airs on Tuesday the 9th December at 0840hrs!

Bia Linn is an Indee Production for TG4 made with funding from Northern Ireland Screen?s Irish Language Broadcast Fund and the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland?s Sound & Vision Scheme