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N24 Upgrade Back In Agenda-Moloney

The matter of an N24 upgrade has been an issue with many towns along the route for a number of years now and the lack of decent infrastructure has hindered trade in these towns and in some cases a loss of industrial settlements to the major cities as a result.

Cllr Andy Moloney along with Municipal Chairs, co Chair and officials had a meeting with TII(NRA) in Dublin to discuss the issues that effected their perspective areas and push for improvements while waiting on a submission to be compiled.

Mayor of the District Cllr Andy Moloney highlighted the Ballydrehid bends, Clonmel By-pass and knockagh roundabout as problem areas. While the latter 2 are to be addressed there still remains the big issue of a new motorway to replace the N24.

This received a substantial boost with a submission to government to build the new carriageway at a cost of billion. The first phase would be Limerick to Cahir at a cost of €540 million. This would be cheaper than replacing the N20 from Cork to Limerick proposed cost of €800m and the second phase from Cahir to Waterford at a cost of €480 million. This would replace the need for an upgrade of the M25 from Cork to Waterford approx €930m.

The Cahir junction often referred to as the crossroads of Munster would become the crossroads of Southern Ireland and at a price of €500m less than replacing the N20 and M25.

This submission has been lodged as a joint plan with Waterford and Kilkenny and will be presented to the mid-term review of capital investment 2016-2021.

Moloney says that while the meeting in Dublin with the TII got us some minor commitments, an N24 upgrade like this would be the icing on the cake.

This would reduce urgency for direct motorways between cork and limerick and Waterford and cork, save significant amounts of public monies, create key connectivity across the southern regions and cities, cut journey times, safer network and maximise capacity in existing public infrastructure.

The Clonmel and Cahir areas would be far more attractive to attract business and Tourism to the area and Moloney is encouraging those in the position of authority to make this happen.