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€15.2 Million Investment In Burncourt Water Treatment Welcomed

There was great relief for many residents of the Burncourt Area this morning as Minister Damien English unveiled a plaque at the new water treatment plant based in Glengarra.

The minister accompanied be many officials of Irish Water, Officials and TDs. There were a number of councillors also present to welcome the opening.

When Cahir News contacted The Mayor of the district, Cllr Andy Moloney about the opening he said that it was great news for the 3,500 local customers who had been living with a boil notice for years.

The Burncourt water supply has been lobbied for years by many TDs, Councillors and officials and it was promised so many times by various politicians and finally it was delivered.

Moloney said that the 5km of piping and ancillary works ensure safe drinking water to the area which has now been removed from the Environmental Protection Agency Remedial Action List.

In recent months People have now got the car park in Glengarra back in use and this popular spot for hikers and children playing in the summer can go back to its former glory.

The Burncourt scheme had been amalgamated with the Fethard scheme and it's a huge benefit to both areas.

While Moloney welcomed the Burncourt Scheme he was also calling on the replacement of troublesome pipes in many areas that are always bursting and in particular the pipe along the Outrath stretch which leaves the village of New Inn and surrounding areas without water for many days a year.

We also need to look at waste water and many towns and villages are at capacity in the areas with third world treatment stations in many of our rural villages.

He also acknowledges works continuing on the Clonmel Water supply which will be a big asset to the town and it's very welcome but we cannot take our eye off the ball on the waste water situation which the Mayor says, needs to be tackled sooner rather than later and has been in contact with Irish Water on the issues.