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Moloneys water motion passed by council

At the monthly meeting of Tipperary CoCo a motion put to the council by Cllr Andy Moloney to have the water rates squashed until such time as Irish Water can provide a service was debated. All of the chamber were in full support of the motion where Moloney argued the case that people should not have to pay for a service that is not fit for purpose.

He put several cases to the meeting that some people were without water for hours per day and at some stages often days per week. Irish water in one case took 3 months to get around to a blocked sewage pipe. He claimed that the water is free and that it was the energy to provide it was costing the money. This he said was already covered in the increase in PSO levy which was increased by 50% on 1st October this year. In 2015 we will pay 318million in PSO and it's unfair to ask to pay 400 million for water that's a free resource.

We need to address the energy cost There are many issues with water between Hard Water, high levels of Chlorine, weak supply and no supply and until these issues are sorted there should be no payment to Irish water. He called on the council to contact the minister to address the situation before the budget. After a lengthy discussion it was agreed by full council to support the motion of the independent councillor.