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Moloney meets TII (NRA) on local issues

Cllr Moloney was part of a Delegation to the TII (NRA) this week to address concerns in the Clonmel/ Cahir area.

The meeting took place in the TII building in Dublin and was attended by no fewer than 7 officials. Moloney's main gripe was the delay on the upgrading of the N24 and how the people travelling and living on that route have been waiting for years.

Moloney pointed out that in 1972, the RTE main evening news stated that the alignment of Duggans Bends and Ballydrehid would be completed in the following 18 months.

He pointed out that late last year the Tipperary Co Co did all they could with increasing the sight lines near Ballydrehid School following many complaints but this was only a stop gap for a bigger job. He thanked the Council for their swift action at that time and The TII agreed to look at this area again and report back.

The local Councillor also raised the issue about several crashes at Knockagh Roundabout which they have a report compiled and also the need for additional reflectors on the barriers when leaving the motorway at J11 coming from Cork into the Kilcoran junction.

He was informed that money would be provided for the upgrade on the road and pavement on the roundabouts in Clonmel where the road is subsiding over many areas.

All other areas were represented by their perspective Chairpersons and its was a worthwhile meeting to keep our issues on top of the pile.

While there was some comfort in some areas we spoke about, the upgrading of the N24 is paramount and many issues raised would be part of that route. National funding had been cut form 1.2b in the boom to over 300m now and they asked our TDs to lobby pressure on the government for extra funding.