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Save Our Rail Service

Cllr Andy Moloney has renewed call for the public to have a final look at the recent Rail Review carried out by the National Transport Authority in 2016. This review shows that the rail corridor from Limerick Junction to Waterford was performing very poorly as was the Limerick to Ballybrophy line.

Both these lines capture all the Tipperary towns with a rail network and while Moloney has raised the issue at council level, he feels that if the public don't get involved we could see further reduced services down the line.

Cllr Moloney and current Mayor of the Clonmel/Cahir Borough District says that the closing date for submissions is January 18th next and written or on line comments should be made immediately. The questionnaire asks for views on travel times which he feels are not suitable for Clonmel and Cahir passengers and it also asks for suggestions on cost, increased trips, travel speeds etc.

There is a need for us all to get involved and we should go on line to view the report at or make a direct submission to or by mail to Rail Consultation,National Transport Authority,Dun Sceine, Iveagh Court, Dublin 2, DO2 WT20

We may not need the rail service ourselves but those coming after us might appreciate it and have further ideas to enhance it. We are now entering into an era of increased Tourism and we need our local rail service operational to bind the jig saw together.

It's only last December that Moloney had a motion carried to maintain the bus routes in the county and we must fight our corner for rail services now to keep rural Ireland alive.