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Council Backs Bus And Rail Saving Motion

A motion by Councillor Andy Moloney to the Tipperary Co Co meeting received the full backing of the members and was endorsed by the CEO who said he would get involved to save the Waterford to Limerick Junction rail line.

This came after a motion by Cllr Moloney who asked the question on the threat of reduced services on the X8 and X7 bus route through the Borough District after information had come to light over concerns from the Irish Bus and Rail Union.

Moloney wanted the Minister to clarify the position on the bus services through the county and also following a recent rail review where Limerick to Ballybrophy and The Junction to Waterford were signalled out for potential closure.

The CEO Mr Joe McGrath said that he was delighted the Mayor raised the issue as he had concerns and was looking for a deputation to meet the minister. We are making a concerted effort with Tourism in this county and with a predicted increase of 7% in 2017 we need our services more than ever.

Moloney argued that the train needs to leave Waterford at 6.10 latest to meet a connecting train in Limerick Junction to be in Dublin before 9.30am. This is a reasonable request for any business or college person and it was Irish Rails duty to provide the service before making statements about the line not been used.

We should be concerned about the usage of the line but if the train is going nowhere,who wants to jump on.

The CEO and Mayor Moloney encouraged all members and public to get a submission into before 18th January 2017 to voice concerns. We need to hold it while we have it and the deadline for submissions is looming.