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Immediate Removal of PSO levy called-Moloney

The fact is that 'ordinary people' are blissfully unaware that these levy increases are being imposed, Public representatives have a moral and ethical obligation to draw public attention to such matters. And it is in my remit to do so. Most people are unaware of PSO levy increases (or even its existence).

While the CER(Commission of Energy Regulators) approved this recent increase in reality they are only implementing what is Government policy.

The general public is ignorant of what the fund generated PSO levy is being used for - 'compensation' of corporate bodies for electricity market price losses.

But when you investigate the 'losses' suffered by these companies it's an altogether different story: Airtricity Profit 2013 - ?45.7 million (a 243% increase on 2012); Bord Gais Profit 2013 - ?171 million (a 44% increase on 2012); B?rd na Mona Profit 2013 - ?50.1 million (a 113% increase on 2012); Energia Profit 2013 - ?46 million (a 300% increase on 2012); ESB Profit 2013 - ?415 million (a 20% increase on 2012) So why should an OAP, student, single parent, unemployed person, employee or self-employed taxpayer be further levied to 'compensate' these entities.

They are in the business of energy generation. The market price for electricity falls. So the taxpayer should compensate them for their 'questionable' losses.

This motion to remove the PSO levy was which is ?73.06 a year as a hidden tax was debated and got full support of the council at Mondays meeting and a recommendation has been sent to the government. 318 million will be raised this year of which ?94m will subsidize wind energy, ?119 to the 3 peat fired stations and 105million to 2 gas stations.

This is a tax currently ?42 rising to ?73 per annum from Oct 1st. you can see it in your ESB bill. Why should we subsidize already profitable suppliers at a time when European prices have fallen over 11%.

Meanwhile, the LPT was debated and Tipperary has a shortfall of 12.8 million. We had hoped to reduce this levy by 15% per household but services would have suffered to the tune of 1.8 million. The 15% reduction would have meant 26cent per household per week on the lower rate with an average of 58 cents per week overall. The Bailout of 12.8 million was the second highest in the country and would have come from counties that had surplus LPT. The decision to leave as it is for this year was carried 30 to 10 as members felt that they could not lose the 1.8million to local services in 2015.

Cllr Moloney also had a motion to have the Noxious Weeds removed from Council lands at Lisava which a commitment was received to complete within 2 weeks and next month will debate the need for Irish Water to cancel all notions of charging for water while there is an insufficient service across the country and improved services from Bord Failte in South Tipperary. He thanked the council for their road lining work around the primary schools and also the new footpath around the Colaiste.