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Call for breakfast clubs at disadvantaged schools

The organisation said school infrastructure should be improved to ensure schools can provide food for students.

It also stated that training and support should be provided for schools to help them run breakfast clubs.

Speaking on RT?'s Morning Ireland, Healthy Food For All's project coordinator Sinead Keenan said allocating extra funds would have huge benefits.

She said: "We're asking An T?naiste [Joan Burton] to provide an additional ?1.8m to the school meals programme in next month's Budget to provide a national breakfast club programme.

"We see that there's additional benefits to providing breakfast to children. It gets them into class on time, it gets them well fed, ready to learn, so we're starting all children off on an equal footing regardless of their background."

Ms Burton visited a school in Raheny in Dublin this morning to promote the breakfast clubs.

When she was leaving, her car was blocked by a number of individuals who were angry about Labour decisions in Government and they demanded to speak to Ms Burton.