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How's She Cuttin' Walking Program

If you are looking for something to do on these rapidly darkening nights you can shorten the winter with this six-week nightime free walks program. It runs every Tuesday and Thursday, starting on Tuesday 18th October at 7.30pm, meeting at St. Paul's Community Centre in Clogheen.

Over the six weeks the walks will be starting at different points in Clogheen, Duhill, Ballylooby, Burncourt and Ballyporeen using quiet country roads and lanes doing 4 to 8 km looped walks at your own pace.

Get fresh air, meet the neighbours and unwind on country roads you never knew existed! You might even see something like that pictured in the photo, which was taken at the Vee over Clogheen last Febuary.

It will be dark so high viz jacket and head or hand torch are essential.

What's even better, it is all free of charge.

For more info contact Liam on 087 226 8651.