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Cahir Meet and Train Group Notes

The Cahir Meet and Train Group had an exceptionally busy weekend. On Friday night most members turned up to support our Queen Chloe Ryan and our Rose Grainne Wade. There were also members of the Adventure committee taking part. This is a group of Meet &Train that do a lot of hill walking and the winner was Sandra O Donovan. Another member of this group is Susan Cloonan but she represented the STGH radio on this occasion.

On Saturday evening we teamed up with Duneske Playground to hold a 5km road race. This is an event for families and individuals to support the facilities and anyone that could not make it are always welcome to support the playground with a donation box in Duneske. The Meet & Train gang then had their summer night out and presented Noel and Stephanie with a present to mark the occasion of their wedding.

On Sunday we met again to help out in the Inch Field to hold the kiddies races and patrol the Bouncy Castle. The kiddies races proved to be a huge attraction with individual races, mixed races and even had races at the end for those who didn't win a medal earlier. This was finished off on Sunday evening by retreating to the square to shout on the Queens. It was an eventful weekend in all while others were climbing Galteemor and participating in the County 10 Miler. Meet as normal Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30. We will be back with the High Vis shortly so you have been warned. Group training continues for those doing the ladies mini marathon and so please register on line now.