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Moloney is up in arms again over the PSO levy

Cllr Andy Moloney is up in arms again over the PSO levy and has tabled a motion to the next council meeting to send a direct message to government that the people of Ireland have enough of these hidden taxes. This PSO levy is to be inflicted on all household?s for ?compensation? of corporate bodies for electricity market price losses.

But the facts are that when you investigate such ?losses? suffered by these companies it?s an altogether different story;

Airtricity Profit 2013-?45.7 million(a 243% increase on 2012) Bord Gais Profit 2013-?171 million(a 44% increase on 2012) Bord na Mona Profit 2013-?415million(a 113% increase on 2012)Energia Profit ?46 million(a 300& increase on 2012) ESB profit 2013-?415 (a 20% increase on 2012)

So the question to asked here is why does every OAP,Student,single parent, unemployed employee or self-employed taxpayer have to be further levied to ?compensate? these entities.

These companies are in the business of energy generation. The market price for electricity falls and the taxpayer should compensate them for their ?Questionable ? losses??????

Last weekend economist, Colm McCarthy referred these issues and pointedly dismisses the current Government?s Energy Policy as ?Alice in Wonderland? policy and that includes the PSO levy.

Moloneys motion to council is looking for the full backing of the Chambers to ask the government to examine their conscience or if in fact they know that this levy even exists. People in Ireland are struggling to cope with levy after levy and enough is enough.