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Mayor still bogged down in Floods

Mayor still bogged down in Floods.

At the recent meeting of the Clonmel Municipal District, Cllr Andy Moloney had a motion before the chamber on the update regarding flooding in the district which he claimed seemed to have died off at a National level once the photo shots of visiting ministers had taken place.

He asked the question to areas that had never flooded previous such as Cranna, Ballingeary, Cahir Town and also on the update on cleaning of the Mill Race. In the reply from the engineer regarding Cranna, a drain from the mountain that goes across the motorway onto Garryclogher-Garryroan where it enter an underground culvert, travelling across country to Ballybrado had backed up causing flooding across fields and onto the roadway due to excessive rainfall. This in turn caused damage to roads and property at Ballybrado and efforts have been made to free drains and remove obstacles that obstructed the flow. A section of the L3309-0 was strengthened in 2016 and works to be completed in Garryroan- Garryclogher next week.

With regards to the Mill Race and it's dredging, he said talks have taken place with OPW and fisheries amongst others. Initial discussions have taken place with inland fisheries with a view to advancing the necessary approvals should funding become available.

Cllr Moloney who is heavily involved in Tidy Towns and enhancement has also carried out an examination of the main Bridge over the River Suir in Cahir and had noted that a large amount of stones from the bridge protectors have been displaced and will need urgent attention. He thanked the Cahir River Rescue for teaming up recently to help access the river bank.

While we have had visits from several officials and Ministers in the area to talk about works to be carried out, Moloney claims that the people to talk to are the users of the river and that local knowledge will sort out a lot of issues. Ministers will come and go but the work needs to be done.