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Cahir Mens Shed

Since our Shed was formed a few short months ago, We have worked together,with tireless energy,and limited resources, to make it Special, A Welcoming space, where every Man is Equal, and every Man is Included.

Tonight (30/07/2014) We Proudly stood Shoulder to Shoulder, as we played a small part in marking a Very Special Occasion, in the Life, of One of our most respected Members, as we helped to celebrate John Mc Carthy's 70th Birthday.

Happy Birthday John, from All Your Old B Coy Commrades and Fellow Shedders at Cahir Men's Shed.We apologise for the fact that they obviously dont make 70th birthday candles in China,So We had to make do with, the 9th,40th,21st ones that we got in Super Value:)