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Caplice Clan Gathering

The Clan Gatherings go on it seems! Saturday the 19th July last saw the gathering of over 200 Caplice family members in Kilcoran Lodge Hotel. The event was months in the planning and not the first of such occasions. A full day of events took place with some of the large group meeting at 9am that morning to do a walk to Galtymore starting at Kings Yard. The weather started off good but deteriorated as they walked but with packed lunch, water, minerals, rain gear and a change of clothes all came back safe and sound if not a bit damp! There was also a gentler walk organised in Glengarra for those unable to do the Galteymore climb.

At 4pm that day the Group met in Burncourt to attend a special Mass for the Caplice Clan in Burncourt Church where the Celebrant was Fr. Matt Knight (from Rockwell).

36 Candles for the deceased Clan Members were lit at the start of mass and Maureen Ahern organized an Organist, Hymn sheets and a soloist.

At 6pm the Caplice family then met for dinner in Kilkoran Lodge Hotel where a 32 foot long x 2 foot wide display board displayed the family tree. There are now over 500 people (over 6 generations) on the Caplice tree. The complete tree is approx 30 feet wide! Carmel Keith's husband Tom kindly recorded the event on camera and Carmel also digitized the video of the first Clan Gathering which took place back in the early 90's and many people were able to get a copy to take home. The DVD was running on a screen during the evening and caused a few laughs and tears too.

After the dinner Paul Caplice set up a P.A. system and karaoke machine in the ballroom and of course being Caplices there was good old sing song which continued until late. Well done to Mick Caplice who started the ball rolling with the fantastic event and Paul and Patrick Caplice too! Thanks also to Kilcoran Lodge Hotel staff for their hospitality.

And to all others who helped in any way. Many relatives exchanged details, fast friendships were forged, many conversations were had and a great day and night was had by all! Fide et Fortitude.