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Cahir District Sports Achievement Awards

A new local committee has been set up to acknowledge and reward high achievement in sport in the Cahir district, the committee was formed from a variety of people across many sports.

The idea is to hold a monthly meeting to look at nominations of sporting teams or individuals who have highly achieved in sport in each month, All names put forward for a particular month will be put to the committee and the committee will narrow down the list to three names for that month, those three nominees will be honoured in public on a Sunday evening each month, from the three nominees on the night one will be named winner for that month, and go forward to the end of year ,where all twelve monthly winners will gather, and out of the twelve one will be crowned sports person or team of the year.

Please feel free to nominate a team or individual who you think has achieved highly in sport, every month if possible. When you do nominate please send us a short brief of what your nomination has achieved. You may enter as many names as you like in a particular month.

Please note all committee decisions are final.

Please contact us via at any time for more information or to nominate for any month

Yours in sport

Cahir District Sports Achievement Awards