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Cllr Michael Smith commenting on Irish Water..

Fianna Fáil front-runner, Cllr. Michael Smith commenting on Irish Water stated “It's a farce! People are being asked to ring a call centre in Cork, to contact a company in Dublin, to fix a problem outside their door in Tipperary” comment was made during live Tipp FM General Election Debate at the Horse & Jockey Hotel last week. The Sunday Business Post, The Mail on Sunday and other national publications and top Political Analysts have tipped Smith to fulfil Fianna Fáil's hopes for a seat in Tipperary, to which Smith response was “we're into the last few days now and every single vote counts, it's up to the people of Tipperary to decide but it would be an honour to represent my county and if elected I will ensure real change for the people of Tipperary.”

Img: John D Kelly