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Scorching hot weather this week but suns disappears for cool weekend ahead

After a pleasant weekend, the temperatures will continue to rise over the next two days ? and Wednesday will be the highlight. Met Eireann is predicting very fine weather over the coming 48 hours.

?It will be warmer than usual tomorrow and Wednesday, with a light sea breeze along the coast and temperatures peaking in the mid 20s,? forecaster Deirdre Lowe told The Herald.

?The light winds will keep many coastal margins a few degrees fresher than inland areas.

?Expect it to be a little cloudy early on, but sunny spells will quickly develop and it will dry and mostly very warm.?

Families should get in their trip to the beach as soon as they can, as temperatures will tumble back down to average as the weekend nears.

?As far as we can see, Thursday and Friday are set to be more cloudy than in the first half of the week and be prepared, as temperature will go down a couple of degrees,? Ms Lowe said.

?It will still be very reasonable and pleasant, but there will not be as much sunshine.?

Thursday will bring a fresh front from the north and it is anticipated there will be a drop to 16 or 17 degrees in the Northern part of the country, while Munster and parts of south Leinster should remain slightly higher. This weekend will bring fresher conditions.

While most of the country will remain dry, some light showery rain may occur.