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Moloney says Emergency Funding allocation is a joke.

Cllr Andy Moloney described the severe weather fund allocation to the county as a disgrace. Moloney said that a price to repair road, bridges and alterations to flood barriers was costed by Tipperary CoCo at over €9.8 million and the €5 million allocated to the county was not sufficient. When each of the 5 districts go looking for their allocation it I'll only go half way and put the county's roads programme back years.

Some area of the county are still under water and but for most it's a case of history. The timing of the announcement is very convenient but Moloney says that Minister Pascal O Donoghue better go back to the biscuit tin before next Friday and see what else he has to offer. I have no doubt that most of this money was already spent in the emergency repairs and the government waited for people to settle down before the allocation. He reminds the minister that it was only 2 months ago when every second person in the country was out volunteering to keep flooding at bay and that should not be forgotten. A total of €84 million was allocated in total but it needs to be more.