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The Cahir Tidy Towns Group are back on track with the St Declan's Grove and the Trees were planted last week. There will be a draw for trees nearer the time of the launch and we will be in contact again with the wording for the plaque. The bulbs are starting to show and blossom and we will add more in the Autumn. We will also be putting a kerb along the path once the sink hole and new path gets sorted. This should add to the whole visual aspect of the area. There was a litter pick midweek and we would hope to get back to more regular picking in the coming weeks. We have been informed by the council that our calls over the past few years for a toilet upgrade will happen very soon and hopefully will be in place for the new Tourist Season. We can also look forward to a facelift of the Ha Ha and new entrance from the St Pauls side. We need to prune some beds but will get to it in the coming weeks. Its at this time that we ask everyone to plan their painting and spring cleaning to help us increase our marks in 2016.finally, we would like to extend our sympathy to a former tidy towns TúS worker, Dave o Brien. Dublin Dave as he was better known to us served his time with Gerry and did great work around town. When his term ended he didn't walk away and leave us. He was a regular out on the beat in Woodview Estate with his sons picking litter. We extend our sympathy to his wife Sabrina ,his sons Charlie and Colin and his extended family. He was buried in Cahir after funeral mass on Friday morning last.