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“Trolley crisis at South Tipp General now utterly inhumane,”

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has launched a scathing attack on the Minister for Health Leo Varadkar after the number of patients on trolleys at South Tipperary General Hospital (STGH) reached 27. Deputy McGrath was speaking after visiting the A&E Department of the hospital following serious concerns that the situation with respect to trolley numbers is now becoming systematic and chronic:

“There is no way of avoiding the fact that this Minister is effectively standing over a grossly dysfunctional element of the health care system which subjects vulnerable patients to abject misery and suffering.

Individuals and their families are being left traumatised by the utterly inhumane conditions which now prevail in the A&E Departments of every public hospital in the State.

That is a scandal which in and of itself should have forced this hands off Minister to resign in embarrassment.

Instead he has forced families of the elderly and the sick and indeed the frontline staff to endure a nightmarish decline in treatment standards.

I have families coming to me who have said they would rather take a chance with their life that subject themselves once again to the horrendous conditions which exist in STGH in terms of overcrowding, lack of privacy and huge delays in accessing medical care.

What is going on in our emergency departments is therefore bordering on systematic, institutionalised negligence.

In the face of such an assault on human dignity we must commend with even greater force the heroic and tireless efforts to the hospital staff to continue operating in the face of persistent ministerial incompetence,” concluded Deputy McGrath.