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Michael Smith claims Alan Kelly is Misleading

Michael Smith (FF) election candidate in the Tipperary constituency has highlighted the Minister's latest housing error stating it is another example of the short-sightedness of this Government and Kelly's approach to most things in Tipperary since he was elected stating, “Kelly has made plenty of announcements without any follow through nationally and even in our home county Tipperary.”

The Minister for the Environment, Alan Kelly has been left red-faced following the announcement by the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland (RIAI) that the new minimum apartment sizes introduced by Kelly last month cannot actually be built.RIAI vice-president and housing spokesman John O'Mahony said “I don't think anyone road-tested this, because we have done a lot of research on this - it is not possible to design an apartment to the minimum sizes set down in the national standards.”

Smith claims this was a pre-election stunt by the government to be seen to tackle the affordability of housing in Dublin however, the new standards which took immediate effect simply cannot be built. Kelly set one-bed apartments at 45 sq m, two-bed apartments at 73 sq m and three-bed apartments at 90 sq m, but the component parts of the rooms, remain the same as with the council sizes. O'Mahony (RIAI) continued “Once all requirements around room sizes and storage are satisfied, the true ‘practical' minimum areas of apartments are circa 49sq m for one bed, circa 80sq m for a two bed, and circa 97sq m for a three bed.”Smith has continued to say that this is just the latest fiasco attached to Minister Kelly.