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What We Have Learned So Far

Over the past two months I have discussed several different topics and provided with what probably seems like an overwhelming amount of information. My goal with this blog is not for you to commit every word I write to memory but to learn one or two key points. As with anything in life, it is important to take a step back and review what has happened. With this column now reaching its ninth week, I think this is the ideal time to take a look back at some of the key points covered thus far.

Chapter 1 | Lesson 1 | Put Nutrition Before Exercise

* You cannot exercise your way out of poor eating habits

* Research shows that exercise alone does not work

* Start by changing what you eat for breakfast

* Replace cereals, juices, and pastries with vegetables, eggs, and fruits

* Eat real, unprocessed food

Chapter 1 | Lesson 2 | Practice Only One Habit At A Time

* If changing one behavior the chances it will stick for one year is over 80%

* Two behaviors it drops to less than 35%

* Three or more it plummets to less than 5%

* Make the habit change too easy

* Do it for one whole month before changing another habit

Chapter 1 | Lesson 3 | Find A Support System

* Surround yourself with the right people

* They will provide you with mentorship, support, and accountability

* No mentor? Get a personal trainer

* No support system? Get like-minded friends to join you

* No one to be accountable to? The mentor and/or support group will do it

Chapter 1 | Lesson 4 | The Sleep Effect

* 33% of people get less than 6.5 hours of sleep

* Not getting enough sleep can cause numerous health problems

* Weight gain, heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death are just some

* When sleeping keep the room very dark and quiet

* Develop a routine leading up to when you go to bed

Chapter 2 | Lesson 1 | Training The Junior Athlete

* Kids were asked why they want to play sports ? keep them in mind

* It?s fun and their friends are there

* It helps them fit in

* It feels good to do it

* They are good at it

Chapter 2 | Lesson 2 | Creatine ? Friend or Foe?

* Our body makes creatine naturally

* Supplementing has shown performance increases

* Use monohydrate form if you choose to supplement

* Take 3-5 grams per day and dissolve in a warm drink

* Get doctor clearance before taking it just to be safe

Chapter 2 | Lesson 3 | How To Handle An Injury

* Inflammation is a necessary process when injured

* Aim to control the inflammation not eliminate it

* If injury is chronic apply heat before activity and ice after

* Use nutritional strategies to aid with recovery

* Omega 3 fats, turmeric, mixed nuts, garlic can all help

Chapter 2 | Lesson 4 | Can Vitamin D Make You A Better Athlete?

* Research suggests levels influence performance

* Less than 20ng/mL = Deficient

* Between 20 ? 32ng/mL = Insufficient

* Greater than 32ng/mL = Sufficient

* Ask your doctor to run the test if you want to find out your levels

Next week will mark the beginning of a new chapter! It will be a ?females only? chapter, in which I will discuss topics such as osteoporosis, resistance-training fears, plus much more so stay tuned!

See you all next week.

Chris Kendrick, CSCS

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