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“HSE must give unequivocal commitment to Bansha GP service,” McGrath

Independent TD Mattie McGrath has called on the HSE to decisively intervene in the ongoing campaign to have a full time GP assigned to Bansha Medical Centre. Deputy McGrath was speaking after events surrounding the contracting of a GP for the centre descended into farce over the weekend:

“It has been my experience that a commitment from the HSE can be only be trusted when it has been firmly delivered upon.

At present there are conflicting and contradictory messages being given by the HSE with respect to Bansha.

The local campaign is being told all is well and that allocation of a fully resourced GP is imminent.

While I have been categorically told on several occasions by the same person in the HSE that major problems remain.

This level of utterly disingenuous manoeuvring by the HSE and its unwillingness to be upfront and blunt about the level of its commitment to Bansha is appalling.

In the face of this sorry saga, the patience and resilience of both the existing medical centre staff and the community are to be even more than usually admired,” concluded Deputy McGrath.