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Reform Alliance not forming political party: Naughten

The TDs who were expelled from Fine Gael for voting against the abortion bill have again denied that they are planning to set up a new party.

The Reform Alliance insists it is simply a "group of like-minded independents" who want to achieve the same things.

The comments come as the group publishes a document on political reform, including an overhaul of the whip system and linking TDs' wages to economic performance.

One of the group's founders Denis Naughten said he was not rejoining Fine Gael, but insisted there were no plans for the Reform Alliance to become a full political party.

"We've made it crystal clear what the Reform Alliance is," he said. "It's a grouping of like-minded independents who have two objectives - to gain speaking rights (in the D?il) and to put forward proposals that we want to see delivered in the very short term."