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Child Care Costs a Disincentive to Work

Public representative and general election candidate Michael Smith spoke out on behalf of Tipperary parents in Cahir last weekend and received a rapturous response from those in attendance. The father of three from Roscrea echoed the concerns and frustrations of many parents across the county and pledged to make a real difference, should he be given the opportunity by constituents when votes are cast.

Councillor Smith stated; “It is high time the Government addressed the escalating childcare costs for working parents. It is clear also that people are being prevented from entering the workforce due to child care costs. A commitment to and implementation of pre-school arrangements is essential but will only go some of the way. Child support credits for working families will also be necessary to help them deal with child care costs. In essence we need to make child care services accessible, flexible and affordable to a level that incentivises and supports parents to return to work or remain in employment. Parents are often trying to hold onto their jobs, making huge mortgage repayments and sometimes driving long distances to work, such parents need support” said Cllr. Smith.

“We must ensure that we have a professional and purposeful early childhood sector with services that are continuously monitored to enable the health, safety and well-being of all children. Adequate training and pathway routes for staff working in the early childhood sector are essential if we are to have the competence to develop childhood services to the highest international standards”.