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Multiple Water Connection Fees unjust.

In a reply to a motion set down by Cllr Andy Moloney where 'There would be only 1 water connection fee where a farmer has more than 1 outside farm less than 20 hectares' the following response was received.

Cllr Andy Moloney argues the case that the county development plan recognises a farm is deemed to be 20 hectares but still a connection fee is charged to farmers with outside lands less than this amount.

Moloney was issued with an extract from the commissioner for energy regulation CER/14/746 in relation to charging for non-domestic water and wastewater which states:

Tariffs- existing charges for non domestic water and /or wastewater customers as determined under relevant Government policy and applied by Local Authorities prior to 1st January 2014 will be necessarily by default continue to apply for the foreseeable future. This will be the case until the CER is presented with the necessary information so that it is in a position to consider the manner and method by which charges are calculated. CER/14/747 also states that since 1st Jan 2014, Irish Water has had responsibility for charging non-domestic customers. Consistent with legislation and following a review of the non-domestic data available to IW, and considering its ability to implement a tariff decision in time for 1/1/14,IW decided to retain charges for non-domestic customers on the same basis as charged by the local authorities the year previous.

Local Authorities have continues to bill non domestic customers on this basis on behalf of IW since the transfer of functions to IW. Irish Water will maintain non domestic tariffs in accordance with the structures and arrangements applicable prior to 1st jan 14 until at least the end of 2015 and ultimately until an enduring tariff framework is in place.

Cllr Moloney will fight to have multiple connection fees regulated so that these fees can be removed or combined to a more favourable charge Moloney concludes.