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Cork business makes generous donation to Shaun Fogarty Appeal

After reading a status on Facebook via Caoimhe Hickey a few days ago my faith is restored in the people of Ireland.

The status stated how Caoimhe Hickey of Cahir as part of her Enterprise for school decided to order wristbands for the Shaun Fogarty Appeal and all the money received would be sent to Shaun.

She set about trying to find out about the cost of buying the wristbands. She contacted a man by the name of Peter Kelly from a company called Cotab.

Cotab are based in Little Island , Cork and are also available at

Caoimhe received a reply from Peter stating he would donate 300 bands free of charge and she proceeded to order 500 in total.

A few days ago she received another email from Peter , this time saying that the bands would be arriving by courier and he was donating all 500 to the appeal.

Now thanks to Peters generosity all money raised will go to The Shaun Fogarty Appeal


I couldn't leave this story here so last night I contacted Peter myself to tell him I was touched by his donation and the whole story and thanked him for what he did.

He replied saying "it was only a small thing I did". The small thing he did allowed Caoimhe help Shaun get one step closer to home.

He commended Caoimhe for her emails and willingness to help Shaun. Peter was genuinely touched by the whole story after he visited he told me "He was just like myself as a young fellow,loved his sport and full of life, so this touched a nerve".

If anyone wants to check out , they do all kinds of promotional stuff and clothing and been in business for 20 years.

Anyone ordering stuff and when they mention "The Shaun Fogarty Appeal" Peter and Co will donate 10 % of the invoice amount to the fund.

After speaking to Peter I learned 213 of the bands have sold in the space of two days.The bands are priced at just 2 euro each..