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Cahir News 1 Today

One year ago today ( 20/12/2013) I decided to set up Cahir News. I set up a Facebook page and begged a few friends to like it. Today we have over 1520 likes on the page.

All on a budget of zero ,help from friends and local businesses I continued to better the service. After a long wait in September we launched our website which so far has had 1,604 Unique Visitors. This would have not been possible without the help of local businesses and if you see our website its evident who they are. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank anyone that helped out this year ( Just to many to name ) but you know who you are and finally I'd like to thank you the reader.

If we didn't have the followership we have this journey wouldn't be possible. We will continue to battle on and improve the service for you.

Ps we will be announcing 2 competitions later to celebrate ;)

Happy Christmas, Gareth