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5 Key Rules For A Better Body

5 Key Rules For A Better Body

With the huge amount of information out there regarding diets and fat loss, it is easy to become overwhelmed and somewhat confused about what to do. At DiVerge Fitness we have found that those who achieve the best results stick by 5 simple but key rules:

1. Eat every 2-3 hours:

These will be smaller portions spread throughout the day instead of big large portions 2-3 times per day. So, starting right now I want you to make a vocabulary change when you discuss food with yourself, with others, and why you are eating every 2-3 hours. It goes like this: ?I am eating every 2-3 hours to fuel a healthy body?.

2. Include lean protein every time you fuel your healthy body:

Complete, lean protein generally is food that was an animal or comes from an animal. Examples include: chicken, beef, fish, and dairy.??Lean? means low fat. Therefore, you want food high in protein but low in fat (e.g., leaner cuts of meat, low fat dairy, etc.).

3. Include vegetables every time you fuel your healthy body:

I know seems like a daunting task but it can be done. Get creative with your food choices and cooking and incorporate as much vegetables as possible ? your body will thank you for it!

4. Save heavy carbohydrate foods for after exercise:

Rice, pasta, potatoes, etc. Go for it! But wait until after exercise. Research shows that the body can process carbohydrates more efficiently after a bout of exercise. But starches, grains and sugars are such staples of our diet here you may ask? Heart disease, cancer and diabetes are also staple medical conditions here too and there is a strong relationship between the two.

5. Eat fat!

Healthy fat that is. Your body needs fat ? it is essential! A healthy balance of all three types of fat can dramatically improve your health. The three types of fat are:

a. Saturated fat ? you will get from the lean protein that you are eating. You can also add in butter or coconut oil for cooking.

b. Monounsaturated fat ? you can get from mixed nuts, olives and olive oil.

c. Polyunsaturated fat ? you can get from flax seeds, fish oil and mixed nuts.

Proper nutrition to fuel a healthy body can seem almost impossible, but it?s not. Start with these 5 basic steps and you will be well on your way to a better body and a healthier life!

See you all next week.

Chris Kendrick, CSCS

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