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Cahir Meet and Train Marathon Weekend

After months of training, the time has come for many of our members to head off to the big stage and take on the challenge of the Dublin City Marathon.

Most of our members started with our couch to 5km programme in the past few years and gradually got the bug and progressed to 10km, half marathons and now some take on the course for the first time.

We are well aware that our presence on the footpaths of Cahir in recent years can be a small bit congested at times but in the main we are just trying to stay a little fitter and it's great for the headspace too.

Some are quite content to stick with a few kilometres twice a week and others want to meet and walk. Others have taken to the Hillwalking and have found their calling in the mountains.

When you are Marathon training it's a different Ball Game. A lot of the mileage has to be undertaking on your own as group training does not suit people's lifestyles.

We have over a dozen taking on the course this year and we wish each and every one of them the best of luck in running and just enjoy it and come home safe.

Most will have to travel to Dublin the previous day to collect their numbers and be ready to run from 9am on Sunday. It's not a cheap weekend out when the entry fee and accommodation is sorted but well worth it for the sense of achievement.

The group is proud of the achievements of all those participating and hopefully, we get a group pic next week with your medals.

In the meantime, The Cahir Meet and Train Group Meet on Tuesday's and Thursday in Dipuneske at 7.30pm sharp for all levels of fitness from walking to marathon running. Who would have thought that Operation Transformation would lead to this.

The next couch to 5km will be after Christmas as part of the OT.