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New 40 Bed Unit For S.T.G.H. On Schedule- Michael Lowry

Deputy Michael Lowry in a statement said “there is no justification or need for the hyped up exaggerated concerns about the opening of the new 40 Bed Modular Unit for S.T.G.H”.

He stated, “I am pleased to confirm that work on the New 40 Bed Modular Unit at S.T.G.H. is running to schedule.

The new building is fully erected on site. The works are ongoing. The contractors require another 14 weeks to install floors, fixtures, fittings and ancillary works including the completion of forecourt paving's and landscaping around the building. Internally each room has to be partitioned and fitted with toilet, basin and shower. Heating and lighting has to be fixed.

The two storey building which will have 40 ensuite single rooms will be ready for handover to the HSE in August. In the meantime, the capital funds already allocated will be used to source and purchase the equipment and medical devices to service the new unit.

Last Friday I walked through the new building. It is really very impressive. I am delighted with progress. It is a new concept. The first of its kind in Ireland. On my visit to the site on Friday, I met with the Chief Executive of the H.S.E. South/South East and with the Hospital Manager. Both are totally committed and eagerly anticipating the opening of this exceptional new facility.

The H.S.E. has confirmed to me and the Hospital Manager that the necessary funds to staff and open the Unit are available.

The Director of Human Resources, with the approval of the H.S.E. has already commenced a campaign at home and abroad for additional personnel. Interviews for some Posts have already been held and panels established.

The New Unit will be open and available to patients towards the end of this year.

This fantastic state of the art facility is well on the way to delivery. I am determined to see it to conclusion”.