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Local Boundary Changes

News filtering through that the Cahir Local Authority Area is set for another upheaval seems to be accurate.

Council officials have been informed this morning that the Cahir Area has been split from the Clonmel Borough district and will now be moved to Cashel- Tipperary.

It is unclear yet of the make-up as it is set to become the biggest district in the county.

In 2014 Cahir was moved to Clonmel and now in 2019 it seems minister John Paul Phelan has moved the area to Tipp.

Some see this as another obstacle to overcome when Cahir people have just become accustomed to our Clonmel base.

Cahir will retain 4 councilors for the area but will now have to compete with the 11 strong contingent who will have to fight in unfamiliar territory.

It's thought that engineers and Administrators will be based in Tipperary Town as there are no offices in Cahir or Cashel. It is hoped to get clarification in the coming days but for now the minister is not for turning and has signed into law. Interesting times ahead for intending councilors running in May elections.