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Happy Christmas from Defence Forces personnel serving overseas this Christmas

The Defence Forces currently has 650 military personnel serving in 13 different countries around the world. During the past 12 months over 1,690 soldiers, sailors and aircrew rotated through 13 counties and one sea on a range of peace support operations.

2018 also marked the 60th Anniversary of unbroken overseas service with the United Nations since first deploying in 1958.This record in unique to Ireland.

Currently, the largest Defence Forces deployment is to South Lebanon with UNIFIL where over 460 personnel are deployed.

We have over 130 personnel deployed as a Disengagement Observer Force in the Golan Heights, UNDOF, where in Oct 2018 they completed a relocation from the Golan Heights to Syria. Defence Forces members also serve in smaller numbers in missions deployed to Mali, Kosovo, Bosnia, The Democratic Republic of Congo & Western Sahara.

Our personnel can only do the important work of peace because of the support they receive from their families and friends at home when they deploy. Of course, this separation is most acutely felt over the Christmas period.

Thank you families, friends and neighbours of our Defence Forces personnel. Happy Christmas and have a peaceful New Year.