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Michael Hales Exhibition- Craft Granary

The Craft Granary have an exhibition planned for early next year. They will be showing the work of Michael Hales on the 11th of January.

About Michael:

Current work.

Michael Hales has developed his practice through working in encaustics, combining the fluidity of the beeswax & damar resin with the vibrancy of oil painting. Through this bold use of colour applied in layers using heat and carving previous strata, an abstract landscape is summoned into being on the heavily worked birch ply surface.

Michael is influenced by the current zeitgeist, where a growing cultural response, to an incredibly fast changing world, has developed an increasing nostalgic view of the past. The images aim to evoke wistful memories or glimpses of inviting landscapes that appear both heavily abstracted and familiar at once.

He is currently working from his own studio in Emly.

Group Exhibitions.

“Vandalism Monument IV”, technician, 2012

"Young at Heart”. MAC, Birmingham, May 1994

“The Final Show”, Birmingham School of Art, June 1993.

“The Peripheral”, Maidenhead Library,July 1992.

Solo Exhibitions.

"RENDER”, 19th Jan - 20th Feb 2015. Tipperary Excel. Tipperary.


Work currently displayed at:

The Blackbird Gallery, Kilkenny.

The Craft Granary, Cahir.


2014 Design Workshop, Small Town Studio, Kilbehenny.


1989 “A” Levels in Art and Geography, Desborough School, Maidenhead, UK

1990 Foundation Art and Design, Berkshire school of Art and Design.

1993 BA hons in Fine Arts, University of Central England, Birmingham, UK.