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Dail Health Committee to hear from South Tipp. Dementia Project

Tomorrow, on the proposal of Deputy Seamus Healy, the Oireachtas Joint Committee on Health & Children will hear about the South Tipperary Pilot Project, 5 Steps to Living Well with Dementia.

The Project lead, Dr. Caitr?ona Crowe, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry and Professor Eamonn O?Shea, National University of Ireland, Galway (and Tipperary Senior Hurling Manager) will brief the Committee on the success of the project and the lessons learned which will be very valuable in a national context.

This pilot project has sought to transform the lives of people with dementia and the lives of their carers. To date the project has supported 340 people and their families. All these individuals are outside institutional care settings and live in their own homes supported by the project.

Dementia, cognitive decline, is a particularly challenging issue given the age profile of our population. At present there are 48,000 people suffering from dementia in Ireland. That figure will grow to 96,000 by 2031 and 140,000 by 2041.

There are over 1,000 people with dementia in South Tipperary. Most of their carers (89%) are caring for a single individual, half have been caring for more than 3 years. Half the carers are themselves over 65 years.

Hugely valuable work has been done by this pilot project in Tipperary over the last 3 years and the lives of dementia sufferers and their carers have been enhanced.

As of now, the 5 Steps to Living Well With Dementia in South Tipperary is due to end in October 2015.

All concerned are committed to ensuring that this service and supports developed during the project will continue, will be mainstreamed and rolled out nationally.

-Seamus Healy TD, 087 2802199