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Motion re Sponsorship of Roundabouts

The signage at county roundabouts was addressed in a reply to a motion put before the council at the recent Tipperary Co Co meeting. A motion put before council last December by Councillor Andy Moloney to allow roundabouts to be maintained by sponsorship had been sent to the SPC (Special Policy Committee on Roads) for consideration. The Draft proposal came before full council this month and will now be sent to each Municipal District for fine tuning. Councillor Moloney said that this issue arose when local people wanted to contribute towards the maintenance of Roundabouts around the county and in return a sign would be erected advertising their business. While Borough Councils had policy on roundabout signage, there was no such procedure in place for county roundabouts. Council will now go to tender and everyone will have a chance to sponsor a roundabout. We need to be able to cater for the small business as well as the large multiples so that everyone gets a fair crack of the whip. Moloney welcomes the new proposals that will allow the roundabouts at the entrances to our towns and villages be maintained to the highest standards and this should help our Tidy Towns and business to present their areas in the best possible fashion. The initial contract will be for a 5 year term and details will be announce in full shortly.