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Together Ireland iniative - Coming To Cahir

By Agreeing on a shared commitment to enhancing integration in Cahir the first meeting of the Together Ireland group was well attended on Monday evening.

A cross section of the community was represented at the Cahir House Hotel including a group of Egyptians who are living and working in the town.

“The input from everyone was inspiring,” said Graham Clifford of Together Ireland, adding “its clear that with such diversity in Cahir there's a recognition that more could be done to bring people closer together. Its clear that there's already a very proud community spirit in Cahir and there's an incredibly strong base to build from.”

Those present at the meeting were asked to count the number of nationalities which they were aware of in and around the town.

Within minutes the list contained 38 nationalities which included Irish, Egyptian, Polish, Lithuanian, English, Bulgarian, Scottish, Brazilian, Romanian, Latvian, Welsh, Croatian, Ukrainian, Chinese, Spanish, Slovak, Czech, French, Pakistani, Algerian, German, Swiss, Italian, Finnish, Moldovan, Belarussian, Hungarian, South African, Malaysian, Vietnamese, Thai, Russian, East Timorese, American, Canadian, New Zealanders and from the Philippines.

“In generations gone-by inward migration to Ireland was slow and restricted to the main urban centres. Now we see such huge diversity in more rural and smaller towns too which brings with it both challenges and opportunities. Our aim is to focus on the latter to help overcome the former,” said Clifford.

The next meeting of the #TogetherCahir group will take place in the first week of November with details to be confirmed.

“At our second meeting we will set out the easily achievable and practical steps which can be taken to help enable greater integration in Cahir. We will look to using sport, music and food as themes on which to come up with ways of building bridges which will last for the generations to come. The input of the local community is key. This is an exciting opportunity for the town and we hope to get even a bigger, and more diverse, crowd at our second meeting.”

To find out more about Together Ireland find us @2togetherireland on Twitter or email